Self sufficient motorhomes, ideal for wild camping in Scotland, all year round
Self sufficient motorhomes,ideal for wild camping in Scotland, all year round

The Rover Rentals motorhome

The motor part


Our motorhome is the ‘Le Randonneur’ model built by Rapido, which is very appropriate as we expect that many of its users will be hiking in the Scottish mountains! It is built on a Fiat Ducato chassis with a 2.8 JTD Maxi engine, so it has plenty of power to take you up and down the mountains and glens of Scotland.

It sleeps 4 (not including dogs of course), and has 4 seat belts.


Its maximum dimensions are:

Height: ~2.7m

Width:  2.25m plus the wing mirrors

Length: ~6.5m plus 1m if bike rack used.

Weight: 3.5T unladen – this means you are only allowed to drive at 50 mph on single carriageways, and 60 mph on dual carriageways. You can do 70 mph on motorways (of which there are very few in Scotland).


The motorhome might not have the street-cred of an old VW campervan, but it is much more powerful and spacious (and comfortable, in our opinion). It drives just as easily as smaller modern campervans – you’ll have to be careful not to speed in it, as it still has plenty of power left when cruising at 70mph! Reversing is straight forward, unlike with a caravan which takes some skill and training.


In strong winds you'll feel the gusts on the motorhome, but there is no danger of snaking developing as can happen when towing a caravan.


Although it’s a 53 registration, it’s got low mileage and so is still in excellent condition. It has been regularly serviced, and has just had a full service and new timing belt – so it’s all good to go…



The home part

You may be surprised how light and spacious our motorhome is inside, yet it fits in everything that you need to make your stay comfortable and self-sufficient.


Inside it is powered by two 12V batteries, plus 2 gas cylinders, so out in the wild you can have heat, light, running water and most things - but not a hairdryer! A long cable is provided so that you can plug into mains electricity when you stay at a campsite. 


Looking along the motorhome towards the cab

Cooking & dining facilities

The kitchen area contains a sink, a 3 ring gas hob and gas oven and a fridge that can be run from gas, mains electricity or battery (while driving).


Opposite the kitchen units in the centre of the motorhome is a table with double sofa seats on each side. The two which face forwards are the travelling seats for passengers, with seatbelts.


The driver’s seat will swivel around, to allow you to relax at a more reclined angle than the sofa seats, and with arm rests too!


The dining table and seats

The ensuite


At the rear is a shower room containing a toilet, basin and shower, in a cubicle with its own folding door to prevent the whole area getting wet when showering.


A pull-out rail in the shower unit is very handy for hanging wet clother on to dry


Drying clothes in the shower
View from the cab

Sleeping arrangements


The motorhome sleeps 4 people; two in a fixed double bed at the rear, and two on a double bed made from the centre sofa seats.


The sliding door which separates the bedroom from the main living area makes this motorhome ideal for either two couples, or families with young children who go to bed long before their parents. 


Fitted mattress protectors are provided, along with fitted bottom sheets.We will provide you with bedding, however you must not allow your dog(s) to sleep on your bed at night. If you want to allow them to do this, then you must provide your own bedding. 


The fixed double bed at the rear
The double sofa bed
Looking towards the bedroom, with the sliding door open
The sliding door to separate the sleeping areas


The motorhome has plenty of storage in numerous overhead cupboards, several drawers and a wardrobe.


The heater produces hot water from gas or mains electricity, and in the colder weather can keep you cosy by a hot air heating system, run from gas.


The fresh water tank holds 130 litres (the rolling water containers for caravans hold 40 litres). A quick shower takes about 10-12 litres, so this should last a fair while.


You can listen to the radio / CD (without the keys in the ignition) anywhere in the motorhome thanks to speakers by the table and in the bedroom.

There is a TV aerial on the roof and a small 12V TV, so you can watch it even if not plugged into the mains.

All the windows have mosquito netting and heat-reflecting blackout blinds. There are also curtains on most windows and a big curtain goes round the cab to screen off the windscreen.

A large skylight in the roof helps to make the place very bright and can provide ventilation when needed. Smaller hatches over the fixed bed and in the shower room, can also be opened to provide ventilation. All hatches & the skylight have mosquito nets and heat reflective blinds.

The floor is vinyl, so is easy to clean. The sofas are covered with a fabric that dog hair can be brushed off easily.


The Exterior


At the rear is a bike rack that is designed to carry two bikes.


The bike rack

At the back is a large locker under the fixed bed (known as the boot), in which several things are stored, including four deck chairs and a camping table, so you can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air.

The lockers for the gas bottles and the toilet cassette are both accessed from outside.

The filling point for the fresh water tank is on the passenger side, and a short length of hose is in the boot for this purpose.

The socket for plugging into mains electricity is next to the water filling point and a 25m electric cable with the correct sockets at each end is provided, also stored in the boot.

Two small ramps are provided so you can get the motorhome level when you park, if the ground is not completely flat.

The awning


On the side is a wind-out awning to give you some shade/protection from the rain when coming into the motorhome – whichever is required.


There is also a ‘safari tent’ which can be attached to it to provide extra space, a windbreak and/or shade.


The safari tent
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