Our Motorhomes are spacious, comfortable, self-sufficient and dog-friendly.
Our Motorhomes are spacious, comfortable, self-sufficient and dog-friendly. 

Canine comforts

I own a dog and have stayed in the motorhome with it, so have provided everything I think you will need for your dog to make its stay comfortable and stress free for both of you.


Dogs like routine, so being in the new environment of a motorhome might make them a little anxious, so it is a good idea to bring along a familiar toy / blanket of theirs.



Inside the motorhome

The sofas have been covered with fabric that dog hair easily brushes off, but that's nice to sit on - amazing! We realise that it's not realistic to ban dogs from the furniture, as some people allow them on at home, but if you want to allow your dog on the seats, then please make sure it is dry first (after all you have to sit on the seats too).



A comfy dog bed by the door


A good sized dog bed is provided, although we suggest that you bring along a blanket for your dog (especially if it likes to rearrange its bedding, as mine does) so that it has something with a familiar smell.


A splash-safe water bowl is provided for travelling, plus non-tippable plastic water and food bowls. 


A drawer has been allocated for the dog's stuff. We provide some toys, a lead, a mitt-brush and some old towels for drying it. We suggest you bring at least one of its own toys and its own lead, collar and coats, etc. There's still lots of space left in the drawer for its food and treats.


When the sofa-bed is made up, there is space for your dog to sleep either between the front seats, on the floor by the door, or on the floor between the kitchen units and the sofa bed (depending upon the size / number of dogs). 


Relaxing between the front seats


We know that dogs are not allowed in most restaurants but that you may wish to eat out during your holiday so we realise that it's unrealistic to insist that your dog is never left in the motorhome alone (as many other 'Pet friendly' hire companies do). So we do allow you to leave your dog alone in the motorhome provided you put it in the fabric travelling cage which we provide.


Fabric travelling 'cage' for your dog while alone

Outside the motorhome


Dogs love to be outside, so we provide several ways in which your dog can be outside while you are busy inside, without it wandering off.


If you've stopped briefly, the easiest way to give your dog a bit of freedom, is to use the spiral stake with the long lead we provide.



Alternatively, you can erect a netting fence to keep your dog in - it's handy for small children too!


Create your own secure 'garden' with the netting fence


When your dog comes back from a walk covered in mud, if you are in Prufski you can use the external shower connection to hose your pooch - and you can even pamper him/her by using warm water if you like!


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