Self sufficient motorhomes, ideal for wild camping in Scotland, all year round
Self sufficient motorhomes,ideal for wild camping in Scotland, all year round

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to own a dog to hire the motorhome?

No, but you have to be aware that dogs have stayed in the motorhome. Although every effort is made between hires to clean the motorhome thoroughly and remove all traces of dog, there may still be the occassional hair that has escaped the cleaning.

It is not advisable for people who are allergic to dogs to book this motorhome!

Can we leave our car at your premises while we're away?

Yes you can - after all, there will be a large gap where the motorhome was standing!

It will be very safe on my drive.

The Terms & Conditions mention that the security deposit is not refundable, but then state that the deposit will be refunded provided there are not any penalties. Will we get our deposit back or not?

The deposit serves two purposes:

a) to cover against loss of income due to cancellations

b) to cover against damage / penalties / part of the excess on the insurance in the event of a claim.


So the deposit is not refundable if you cancel your booking (section 13 of the Ts & Cs), although it can be transferred to another booking made within 6 months of the cancellation date.


However, provided that you fully pay for the hire period and do not damage the motorhome or incur any penalties while you are using it (as detailed in section 16 of the Ts & Cs), then the full deposit will be refunded to you within two weeks of you returning the vehicle.

Do we have to pay the insurance excess?

The insurance excess is covered partly by the £300 deposit if you have booked for a week, and completely by the £600 deposit if you are booking for two weeks or more. 


If you have an accident that requires an insurance claim to be made, then the excess would be taken from your deposit and if you had only paid a £300 deposit, you would be liable for the remaining £200.

Is it possible to pay extra to offset the insurance excess?

Unfortunately, it is not. The insurance excess is £500, so the £300 deposit per week of hire goes towards this.

Our dog travels in a metal cage, can we bring it for use in the motorhome?

Yes, provided it fits in.

A mat is provided to sit the cage on, to prevent it sliding around or damaging the vinyl flooring, plus pieces of carpet/foam to protect the sides from damaging the woodwork. 

How often does the toilet cassette need emptying?

It depends upon how much it's used and how much water is flushed down it afterwards! 


The toilet cassette is 17 litre capacity, of which 2 litres are taken up with the chemical solution.

When I have been using the motorhomes myself, and have mainly used other toilets while I was out during the day, it's lasted for about 3-4 days. 

For how many days at a time can we wild camp?

The main limiting factor is how quickly the toilet cassette fills up and needs emptying (which must be done in a proper facility at a campsite). The other limiting factor is long the habitation battery lasts.


For the toilet - see the answer above to how quickly it fills up.


In terms of the habitation battery - if you are driving from place to place each day, then the habitation battery will be recharging as you drive, so there should not be a problem with it running low. Even if you stay in the same place for two or three nights, there should be enough power in it, as all the lights are LEDs. The things that use the battery up quickest are the motors for the water, extract fan and the air blown heating, so it depends upon how much you use these.

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