Self sufficient motorhomes, ideal for wild camping in Scotland, all year round
Self sufficient motorhomes,ideal for wild camping in Scotland, all year round

Driving the motorhome

With a 2.8 litre turbo jet diesel engine, the motorhome has lots of power to get you up and down the mountains and glens of Scotland, or around the North Coast 500 route. It is very easy to drive and on straight roads it’s easy to forget that you’re in such a big vehicle apart from the fact that you’ve got a much better view as you are sitting so much higher up than you would be in a car!

It cruises along happily at 70mph on motorways, so you’ll need to be careful not to speed, as speed limits are lower than for a car on single and dual carriageways due to its weight (50mph and 60mph respectively).

However, bear in mind that you are essentially driving a 3.5 tonne box with the aerodynamics of a brick. So you need to take corners steadily and carefully, and it does not have the acceleration of a car so overtaking on single carriageway roads is not advised. Likewise, allow more time & space when pulling out at junctions as it’s not particularly nippy.

Also, you need to be mindful of its length and overhang at the rear when going round corners – don’t forget the back wheels follow the front in a straight line!

Most importantly remember it’s a lot higher than a car or most campervans at ~2.8m, so do not go into covered carparks unless you are certain of sufficient clearance and be careful to avoid overhanging trees at the side of the road.

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