Self sufficient motorhomes, ideal for wild camping in Scotland, all year round
Self sufficient motorhomes,ideal for wild camping in Scotland, all year round


The motor part


Prufski is a ‘Le Randonneur’ model built by Rapido, similar to Rover, but two years older. It is built on a Fiat Ducato chassis with a 2.8 JTD Maxi engine, so it has plenty of power to take you up and down the mountains and glens of Scotland.

It sleeps 4 (not including dogs of course), and has 4 seat belts.


Its maximum dimensions are:

Height: ~2.8m

Width:  2.25m plus the wing mirrors

Length: ~6.5m plus 1m if bike rack used.

Weight: 3.5T unladen – this means you are only allowed to drive at 50 mph on single carriageways, and 60 mph on dual carriageways. You can do 70 mph on motorways (of which there are very few in Scotland).


Although it’s a 51 registration, it’s got quite low mileage and is still in excellent condition. It has been regularly serviced, and has just had a full service and new timing belt – so it’s all good to go…

The home part

Prufski has an L-shaped sofa arrangement, rather than the dinette style seats facing each other (as in Rover).

This makes the living area seem more spacious, especially if you remove the large table and only use the smaller part. It is therefore more suitable for large dogs (labrador and above), or dogs that need a large space to turn in, than the dinette style which has a narrower corridor.


Beds and seat belts for four people

Fixed bed and corner shower & toilet, very similar to Rover, with slightly longer access to the bed.


The shower is within the toilet area, rather than being in a seperate cubicle. A shower curtain pulls round to keep everything else dry while you're enjoying a warm shower.

The toilet can swivel out of the way while you're having a shower.

Kitchen layout the same as in Rover, but a different 

layout of the seating and table - it still has two travelling seat belts facing forwards, and the sofa makes into a double bed.


Both seats in the cab rotate towards the table. There are three options of table size as well!


Full size - lots of space for four people

Mid size - gives a bit more space if there's two of you. It can be positioned forward (as shown) or towards the rear (as above)

Small - great for your cuppa when lounging on the sofa. It can go into either leg position.

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