Self sufficient motorhomes, ideal for wild camping in Scotland, all year round
Self sufficient motorhomes,ideal for wild camping in Scotland, all year round



To meet demand, we have purchased a second motorhome, which we call 'Champ' 

It's a similar layout to 'Rover', with a fixed bed, shower, kitchen & 4 berth. Again, fully self-sufficient. Internal photos to follow.

It will be available to hire from April 2018 onwards

Motorhome rental ideal for people with dogs

We know from personal experience that owning a dog is a great pleasure, but can also be problematic when you want to take it on holiday with you because many hotels and B&Bs do not allow dogs. 


So we have set up Rover Rentals to solve that problem - we have a motorhome for hire which is especially designed for people with dogs. It is more than just saying we are 'Pet Friendly', we provide canine comforts and will not charge extra for your four legged friend(s) to join you as you tour around Scotland. 


Rover Rentals is a personal run business, started in August 2016, with one four berth self-contained motorhome. We believe that this is the ideal size vehicle for a comfortable touring holiday with a dog, as it is more spacious than a campervan, easier to manoeuvre than a caravan, and gives you the flexibility to park up wherever you like as you have everything you need on board. It has been kitted out to cope with cold weather, so can be used all year round.


Within reason, we do not mind how many dogs you bring with you, provided you are happy that you'll all fit into the motorhome comfortably, and the dogs are well behaved. So far all damage has been caused by human error, not by canines!


The Motorhome

Our motorhome is the ‘Le Randonneur’ model built by Rapido, which is very appropriately named as we expect that many of its users will be hiking in the Scottish mountains!


It is built on a Fiat Ducato chassis with a 2.8 JTD Maxi engine, so it has plenty of power to take you up and down the mountains and glens of Scotland.


It sleeps 4 people - plus dog(s) of course, and has 4 seat belts.


More details are given in The Motorhome section.


Where we are

We are based on the outskirts of Inverness, the capital of the Highlands, which is an ideal location from which to start your exploration of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Inverness is at the start of the North Coast 500 route and using the motorhome gives you the flexibility to go round in either direction, at your own pace.


More details about what to see in and around Inverness are given in the Where we are section


Wild camping in Scotland

Canine comforts

If your dog is happy and you are not stressed about having to look after it then your holiday in the motorhome will be more relaxed and enjoyable, so we have made the motorhome very dog-friendly.


We provide many dog-specific items both inside and outside the motorhome, as detailed in the Dog-Friendly Details section.


Where has 'Rover'  been?

See some photos of where 'Rover' has travelled to on our Gallery page

Driving the motorhome

With a 2.8 litre turbo jet diesel engine, the motorhome has lots of power to get you up and down the mountains and glens of Scotland. It is very easy to drive and on straight roads it’s easy to forget that you’re in such a big vehicle apart from the fact that you’ve got a much better view, as you are sitting much higher up than you would be in a car! 


Unlike towing a caravan, you do not need any special training or qualifications other than your normal driving licence. 


Some things you need to be mindful of are mentioned in the Driving the motorhome section


Contact us


Please contact us on-line, by email or on the mobile (but not after 9pm).


Details of which are given in the Contact Us section


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